Improved Oil Pan Gasket For The Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested

We have two improved oil pan gaskets for the Porsche® 928. Select the one that best meets your needs:

Solid Silicone Gasket: Ideal for naturally-aspirated and stroker motors. Compared to old-style silicone gaskets, this new silicone is tougher and will never crack or dry out. Plus, the added flexibility in the silicone gasket helps it seal over minor imperfections in the pan. Can be cleaned and re-used again and again.

Neoprene-Cork Composite Gasket: These gaskets are meant for boosted engines, where the added stability of the neoprene matrix keeps them from being pushed out sideways by crankcase pressures. Better than the stock cork gasket that dries out, the new neoprene-cork composite retains its shape and remains flexible for many years.

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