Oil Pan Stud Kit For The Porsche® 928

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-1995 all

Instructions Available

The Problem: The little 10mm bolts on your 928 oil pan slowly loose their clamping force on the oil pan gasket. ALSO: if you are the kind of Wrench (like I am) that's in-and-out of your engine with any frequency, you can only torque steel bolts into an aluminum block just so many times before they will strip.

The Solution: This 928 Motorsports Oil Pan Stud Kit will replace those old bolts with new metric studs and flanged nuts for a permanent cure. The studs are Grade 5 steel in black phosphate finish, and a special length made just for us. The nuts are hardened, zinc plated, and have a wide flange on them to completely eliminate the need for washers. Each nut has an anti-vibration crimp at the top (called a "toplock") that is reusable and prevents the nut from vibrating loose.

One kit includes 30 studs and 30 nuts and easy to follow instructions. Can be installed with the motor in the car.

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