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High-Performance Impeller for Paxton Superchargers

Application: All Paxton CW 1200 and 1220 Superchargers

US Patent #D588,158 S

Background: The impeller inside your Paxton 1200 has a 50,000 rpm operating ceiling, and the 1220 has a 53,000 rpm operating ceiling. Also: they were designed about 20 years ago with fairly straight vanes, some curl at the inlet, and manufactured from a casting.

Today's Impeller: Our V+ impeller is cut from billet on a 5-axis CNC mill, allowing us to use higher-strength alloys, and balance it to higher tolerances. We cut in more aggressive inlet curls and progressive vanes that are computer-designed for optimum flow inside the casing. Each impeller is spin balanced to 0.006 grams/inch, and designed to operate at up to 60,000 rpm. This Impeller has been more than a year in development and testing, and so unique that we have a Patent on it.

On-car and on-bench testing reveals that our V+ impeller moves about 15% more air ACROSS THE ENTIRE RPM BAND than the original impeller. See actual data sheets below from dyno testing. We were able to bring the boost in much sooner, which translates into USEABLE HORSEPOWER. Now your 1200 and 1220 Paxton can produce almost the same 1200 CFM as a 1500 model below 50,000 rpm (impeller speed) and more if you spool it up to 60,000!

These impellers are a real work of engineering art that will amaze you when you hold it in your hands. In-car and on-bench testing has shown that our impeller moves about 20% more air at the same RPM as the original one, and at about 20% greater PSI.

Check out this video!


FREE Installation Available:You can change-out your impeller by removing the scroll and one nut on the end of the impeller shaft. Slide the old impeller out, slide ours on. We designed it specifically to fit within the Vortech® casing without any modifications.

BUT - if you would prefer to have us install and shim your impeller, simply ship it to uus and we will do it for free, All you have to pay for is the shipping.

This Isn't Our First Impeller... You should know we've done this before - so you can trust 928 Motorsports and the results we obtained. Our first billet High Performance Impeller received US Patent Number D554,150 S

Do you know how to tell a good impeller from a bad one?


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