Paxton High-Speed Seal Set Novi 1000, 1200, 1220, and 1500

Background: Many Paxton owners report problems with weeping seals.An impeller seal that leaks allows motor oil into the intake of the motor, where it lowers the octane of the air/fuel mixture and contributes to detonation. An input shaft seal that leaks is just a mess, dripping oil on your floor and gunking up your nice engine.

The impeller seal has to be able to withstand shaft speeds above 50,000 rpm and temps up to 280F. Because of the high shaft speeds, PTFE (Teflon) seals are common with no compression spring.

These PTFE seals weep oil because of the lack of radial pressure on the PTFE lip. A slight spring load is necessary as superchargers apply negative pressure to the lip on over-run, causing the lip to lift (and leak).

Some owners will try common nitrile seals on this application. They are about $5. A common industrial seal has much too strong of a compression spring, and under the high shaft speeds of a supercharger, they will quickly overheat and crack. Then your leak is back and worse than before. Even worse, their relatively high spring loads will wear the shaft prematurely at these speeds.

The 928 Motorsports Impeller Shaft Seal: Our impeller shaft seals represent the best of both worlds. They are custom-made with PTFE-Coated Viton (higher temps and better chemical resistance than nitrile) they have the low friction of the all-PTFE seals at high speed, but the resilience of Viton to make up for small amounts of shaft wear (another thing that an all-PTFE seal cannot do).

Further, they have a very light compression spring in them, less radial pressure than an industrial seal, but enough to fight the sealing lip lift that causes the oil weeping problem.

And finally, our impeller shaft seals have two lips - the sealing lip pointed inward and a dirt wiper lip pointed outward. These seals have been tested at shaft speeds up to 150,000 rpm without failure.

This Kit Includes: One of our special twin-lip high-speed PTFE coated Viton seals for your impeller shaft, and one larger single lip high temp Viton seal for your input shaft. Enough to reseal one Paxton supercharger.

Installation Available: You can replace your seals yourself. We can also do this for you as part of a Paxton supercharger rebuild or seal replacement. Contact us for details.

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