"Peak 928"

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in a Porsche® 928

By Carl Fausett, Team Owner, Driver

"Pikes Peak in a Porsche® 928"

SPECIAL! Each book signed by the Author

Description: This is the first new book about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and/or the Porsche® 928 in many years. The 156 pages include more than 190 full-color photographs of the race car build and preparation, the practices, and the race itself from both the in-car camera and high-quality out-of-car photographs. The size is 8.5" X 8.5", Softcover.

From the Back Cover of the Book:

In "Peak 928" writer/race car builder/driver Carl Fausett has hit on three levels.

If you are a fan of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, this book will share each of the challenges facing a modern racing team as they prepare, practice and compete at the "Race to the Clouds", revered as both the Worlds toughest hill climb event and one of the worlds toughest road races.

This is also the first new book about the Porsche® 928 in many years, a car that still has a strong following ever since it received European "Car of the Year" honors in 1978, the first and still only sports car to ever win that title.

And even if you are not a gear-head or a Pikes Peak enthusiast, this is just a darn good adventure story of an under-funded racing team pushing against all odds to the top, well told, and humorously written. Carl's conversational writing style is rich with information, but delivered in a way that will draw you in like an old friend.

A Few Excerpts:

From Page 47: The logistics of starting a race at 9,000 feet and running to the summit over 14,000 feet meant that, to produce consistent power throughout the climb, our fuel system would need to be altitude-compensating. Without this, we'd be too rich here and too lean there, loosing power on both ends. We were in search of a dynamic tune for our injection system.

And, just to add one more variable into the mix, we were building the car at about sea-level. So we weren't just seeking a tune that allowed the car to perform well here, we were looking for a tune that would make the car run perfectly there. Our worst fear was getting all the way to Colorado just to discover the car was completely out of tune now that we were away from most of our diagnostic equipment!

From Page 72: The 12 miles of Pikes Peak had been divided into three sections (Summit, Bottom, and "the W's" so named for the zigzag section in the middle). As a Pikes Peak rookie, I had to qualify in each of the sections before I would be allowed to run the race on Saturday.

The officials decided that the Open Division should start right at the Summit for the first practice and qualifying day. Now, when you're frightened of the magnitude of the mountain and the size of the drop-offs, starting you on your first practice at the highest points of the race course is a lot like teaching somebody to swim by throwing them off the pier. No time to be frightened anymore, you just have to do it. I set my mind to the task, and tried to avoid what if conversations within my own mind.

From Page 128: The corners came fast; left, right, left, right, right. Guido was reading his rally notes and I could not hear him at all. Maybe the intercom was unplugged, maybe the batteries were weak, or maybe it was just because the supercharged engine was always barking between 4,500 and 6,000 RPM and completely drowned him out.

I hollered "I can't hear you!" but it wasn't like we could do much about it. Guido had told me in practice that this is what he feared the most. He said if this happened he would try shouting over the roar of the exhaust, but he expected to lose his voice long before the Summit.


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