Deluxe Performance Brake Pads For The Porsche® 928

Select the best pads for your driving style: 928 Motorsports stocks different brake pads just for you! From Road to Race, select your brake pads below:

Organic Brake Pads: (also known as NAO, or “non-asbestos organic”) were developed as a replacement for earlier asbestos pads, and are made with various materials like glass, fiber, rubber, carbon and Kevlar. Roughly 70% of new cars sold in the US come with this kind of brake pad from the factory. PROS: Low cost, low dust, low noise. Low rotor wear. CONS: Can fade when performance driving. Pad life is shorter than other types of pads. NAO pads are slightly compressible so will not have as hard of a pedal as other compounds.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads: This compound contains anywhere from 30-65% metal by weight, typically consisting of steel, iron, copper, etc. combined with friction modifiers and a lubricant. Semi-metallic brake pads are considered the most versatile style available, with the slight compromise being more noise and dust. They are longer lasting and more durable, and their metallic composition can help draw heat away from the rotor and aid in more efficient brake cooling. PROS: Broader temperature range and highly resistant to brake fade during performance driving. This pad material is incompressible and will provide the firmest brake pedal. Preferred pad for performance driving and racing. CONS: Produces more brake dust, and are known to be noisier than NAO pads. More abrasive - will wear rotors more quickly.

Ceramic Brake Pads: Ceramic pads are composed of a dense ceramic material (like pottery fired in a kiln) with embedded copper fibers. Ceramic pads are also generally easier on rotors than semi-metallic pads. PROS: Quieter than semi-metallic's, with a longer brake pad life. Produces a finer brake dust that does not tend to stick to wheels. CONS: Does not bite well when cold, and does not absorb heat as well as semi-metallic's, meaning that the brake rotor temps will become higher. Not intended for racing for this reason.

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