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Hi-Performance Powerdyne Rebuild Kits

These parts fit the Powerdyne BD-600, BD-10, BD-11, BD-11a, Ford Motorsports, Cool Chargers, and B&M superchargers

The 928 Motorsports LLC® Bearings: 928 Motorsports LLC® is the only manufacturer of these high speed bearings for the Powerdyne supercharger in the World. Our years of experience have brought us to the right hi-temp (450° F) lubricant, ceramic ball bearings, and the right alloy inner and outer races to get up to 46,000 rpm out of these bearings where they had been previously limited to 36,000 rpm. Be wary of others "high speed" or "ceramic" bearings - they are not as good as ours!

The 928 Motorsports LLC® Belt: We improved on the original belt, too. Raising the impeller speed to 46,000 rpm from 36,000 rpm (stock) requires a tougher belt. We commissioned Continental to make us a special batch of their Super-Torque drive belts just for this application, and we find it performs better than the Gates belt.

Kit Includes:
  • 2 custom high temp ceramic ball bearings for impeller shaft
  • 2 heavy-duty HSS bearings for the drive shaft
  • 1 custom Continental Super-Torque drive belt


We include a coupon for $10 off in every Powerdyne Rebuild kit we sell. Use it towards volute resurfacing if you need to, or Venting and Shimming, or even a complete rebuild if you change your mind and decide not to do it yourself!

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Hi-Performance Powerdyne Rebuild Kits




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