New Improved Impeller Housing Clamps for Powerdyne Superchargers

Application: Fits BD-10 BD-11 BD-11R BD-11a BD-12 Powerdyne Superchargers, B&M, CoolCharger

The Problem: Most Powerdynes hold their impeller housing in place with thin aluminum clamps. They are easily bent and deformed, allowing the impeller housing to move. Any movement of the impeller housing makes it more likely that the impeller will hit the housing, causing permanent damage to the impeller, the housing, and throwing metal into your motor!

If you shim your impeller out closer and closer to the housing for peak performance, keeping the housing in exactly the right position becomes critical!

The Solution: We had these housing clamps made just for us. Twice as thick as the OEM clamps, and made from stainless steel instead of aluminum so they will stay rigid no matter what.

Installation: Installs as before. No changes necessary.

Contents: Each kit includes 4 stainless steel housing clamps.

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