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High-Performance Replacement Impeller for Powerdyne Superchargers
US Patent No D554,150 S

I want to say how much this impeller was worth it. I went from 6lbs of boost to 9lbs with just a simple installed part. Well worth it in my opinion. Here is my boost gauge video: Joe B.

By the way, your billet impeller worked awesome that I bought last year. I picked up about 1.5 pounds of boost on a 383 Lt1. Thanks for a great product. Justin W.

I must say that the 928 impeller has done a fine job so far. The truck pulls very hard from 3000 RPM until the shift point. The truck is an automatic that weighs 5400# 4door Supercrew, the engine is a 4.6 CID as you can see at 3000RPM the new impeller is making 3# of boost at 4000RPM we have 6# and at 5800 RPM I was seeing 12# of boost, My tuner recommends no more than 10# on these engines so I used you’re boost limiter valve and have since limited the boost to 10#. As I said and have posted the best improvement other than the actual supercharger in my opinion has been this impeller. Chuck M.

Got the new Powerdyne billet impeller on my '64 GTO. What a difference!! Makes boost 900 RPM sooner than before and made 1.5 lbs more of it at 5700 RPM (my shift point). All I can say is awesome work guys.. And a big thanks to Gretchen for getting it all out to me at lightening speed. David G.

this part is Pikes Peak testedApplication: Powerdyne BD600, BD10, BD11 and BD11a with round impeller shafts.

Background: The Impeller inside your Powerdyne is typical of superchargers designed about 20 years ago. Straight vanes, some curl at the inlet (top), and manufactured from a casting. The vanes cannot be curled much more than they are, or the impeller will not release from the mold when it is cast.

Today's Impeller: With advances in 5-axis CNC milling, these impellers can now be cut from a single aluminum billet. This allows us to use higher-strength alloys, and machine it to closer tolerances. We cut in tighter inlet curls and progressive vanes that were computer-designed for optimum flow inside the Powerdyne casing. Each impeller is spin balanced to 0.006 grams/inch, and designed to spin up to 60,000 rpm. This alone is a big help in making bearings last longer. This Impeller has been more than a year in development and testing, and so unique that we have a Patent Pending on it.

On-car and on-bench testing reveals that our impeller moves about 20% more air at the same RPM as the original one, and at about 20% greater PSI

Simple Installation: You can change-out your impeller by removing the scroll and one nut on the end of the impeller shaft. Slide the old impeller out, slide ours on. We designed it specifically to fit within the Powerdyne casing without and modifications, so it is just that easy. IF YOUR POWERDYNE HAS A TRIANGULAR CENTER SHAFT, we have a new impeller shaft available to update your Powerdyne so you can use this impeller.

Who Can Use this Impeller:
  • If you need a new impeller to replace a damaged one
  • If you want to go to a larger pulley to increase bearing life, without losing Boost
  • or combine with our ceramic bearings and vents to build the ultimate Super-Powerdyne!
Benefits of this Impeller:
  • The Boost will come in earlier
  • There will be more of it. ...and when combined with a larger pulley,
  • You can get longer bearing life without losing boost.
  • You can solve a belt slippage problem without losing boost.
  • Porsche customer in NJ reports he went from 6 psi on his boost gauge at 4,000 rpm to 8 psi at 4,000 rpm by just replacing his stock impeller with no other changes.
  • Race Car Owner in Australia reports that his 5.4L stroked and supercharged Ford Falcon picked up 60 HP on the dyno with this impeller.

Do you know how to tell a good impeller from a bad one?



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High-Performance Replacement Impeller for Powerdyne Superchargers




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