Premium Shaft Seals for ProCharger®

For all ProCharger® P600B, P-1SC, P-1, D-1, and D-1SC Superchargers

Our Premium Twin-Lip Seal: The 928 Motorsports twin-lip seal is custom engineered and manufactured exclusively by us just for this application. It features two lips, the sealing lip pointed inward and a dirt wiper lip pointed outward. Made with PTFE-Coated Viton (able to withstand higher temps and better chemical resistance than nitrile) and a very light compression spring providing just the right amount of radial pressure.

The Input Shaft Seal: The input shaft is the shaft that the pulley is mounted on. It turns much slower than the impeller shaft, and the sealing of it is much simpler. Our input-shaft seal is automotive-grade nitrile seal providing good durability and a long service life.

Installation Available: You can replace your seals yourself. We can also do this for you as part of a ProCharger® rebuild or seal replacement. Contact us for details.

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