Pulley Spacers for Powerdyne, Paxton, and Vortech®

Fits all Superchargers with a 0.785" shaft (Standard Powerdyne, Paxton, and Vortech®)

Corrects Two Problems:
  1. Many supercharger installs use a high-offset pulley as shown below, and those owners have a hard time locating pulleys in different sizes for their application. With this spacer kit, they can use common and easy-to-find aftermarket pulleys.
  2. Misalignment between the crankshaft and supercharger pulleys is a common cause of belt slippage. Check your alignment and correct it with this kit to be sure that you get maximum tractive force from your drive belt!
Easy and Universal Install:
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Pulley Spacers for Powerdyne, Paxton, and Vortech® SCU-PSK-V&P $20.50 U.S. Only: $7.50
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