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Race Gas® Concentrate

The first Octane additive that works

The Problem: You need high-octane fuel, but you cannot always find it. When you can find it, it's crazy expensive or located too far away. Not to mention transporting gas in multiple 5-gallon containers is dangerous, bulky and heavy - definitely no fun.

The Solution: Race Gas Concentrate. This modern blend of hydrocarbons, oxygenates, and organometallic compounds adds the missing pieces from your pump gas to make it the safe, powerful high-performance fuel you want. 50-state emissions legal, catalytic converter safe, and Race Gas® will not harm your O2 sensors. Easy to store, easy to transport in 32 ounce cans.

Not Your Father's Octane Booster: Back in the day, a gasoline additive would talk about increasing your octane by points. An octane "point" is 1/10th of an Octane. For example, if the can said it would raise your octane 7 points, that meant it would take 91.0 octane gas to 91.7 octane. Not any more. Race Gas® has the true fuel hydrocarbons, oxygenates, and organometallic compounds in a concentrate to increase your pump gas by whole octane points. Now you can upgrade your 91 octane pump gas to 95, 99, and even 103 octane racing fuel!

Not just Octane - But Performance Also: Because Race Gas® is the real deal, and actually adds potential energy into the fuel in the form of saturated fuel hydrocarbons and oxygenates. Numerous tests have shown that HP actually goes up with the use of Race Gas®.

Race and Field Tested: Race Gas® has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories, prominent engine builders, and performance tuners. It is recommended by 928 Motorsports LLC® for use in its Porsche® supercharger kits.

Super Easy to Use: Each 1 oz of RGC will raise the octane by 2 octane numbers regardless of what octane pump gas you start with. Example: 3 oz of RGC in one gallon of whatever will raise the octane by 6. Simple!


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Race Gas® Concentrate - 32 oz. can




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