New Replacement Radiator Air Dam for the Porsche® 928

Application: Porsche® 928, all years, all models

The Problem: Many Porsche® 928's are suffering from broken or missing air dams on top of their radiators. The plastic is old and brittle, and it snaps off, usually along with a section of the fan shroud. Operating the car without the air dam will raise temps and will contribute to over-heating, because the air is now passing around the radiator rather than through it.

You can replace your bad fans and fan shroud with modern electric fans (we sell a very nice dual-fan replacement kit ourselves) but now you have no air dam and no way to hold your cold-air-intake funnels.

The Solution: Our radiator air dam is custom machined from aluminum, so it will never crack and break like your old plastic one. It is also fitted with OEM Porsche cold air scoops, salvaged and refurbished, so you know they fit and work right with your air inlet tubes. Stainless steel mounting hardware is provided.

Choose Your Color: We can powder-coat them in black for that OEM-look, or have us ship it to you in satin-finish aluminum for a more sporty appearance.

Easy Installation: Our air dam will drop right on to the top of your radiator, and two stainless steel fasteners are provided that will secure it in place. Then peel the weather-strip from the top of your old shroud and press it on to your new air dam, and you are ready to go!

The EGR Option: Some of the OEM plastic air shrouds have a small integrated filter for the EGR air pump. We offer a push-in filter from K&N that will does the job nicely, order below.

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