New Raptor V Centrifugal Superchargers

Compact and Powerful, Perfect for Custom SC Installations.

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Compact Design: The Raptor does not need as much room in your engine bay as other brands - making it an ideal supercharger choice for cramped compartments. See dimensions below. The Raptor V is designed for engines between 2.7 and 5.4 Liters.

Machined from Billet: The Raptor's front and back plates (that locate the bearings) are cut from alloy aluminum billet - for the utmost in accuracy when locating the shafts and bearings. This means greater performance and durability. Then, the Raptor is fitted with high-speed ceramic bearings which are cooled by their unique positive ventilation system, making sure the bearings last you a good long time.

Exceptional Output: In spite of its small package size, the Raptor moves more air than many larger superchargers. When fitted with a 2.5" pulley, our test Raptor produced 2 psi of boost at only 2000 rpm on a test Ferrari installation fitted with a 6.5" crankshaft pulley. At only 4500 rpm, the Raptor was already producing 6 psi! (Results vary depending on the engine the supercharger is mounted to). The Raptor V is designed to push 11 psi right out of the box at 750 CFM. When fitted with the optional billet impeller, 900 CFM is possible.

Cool Output: Every effort has been made to have the coldest discharge air possible in the Raptor. First, the bearings and case are cooled by cool air, not hot motor oil. Adiabatic efficiency is rated at 75% +- 5%! This is a real benefit for high-compression motors, or any installation where there isn't room for an Intercooler.

Three Models to Choose From: The Raptor V-L is the work-horse for most applications. TheV-LB upgrades the V-L to use their new billet impeller. Approx 8% flow increase over standard V-L, but more importantly wider response range, and the boost comes in earlier. We also offer the V-LC model, which stands for Liquid Cooled. This charger has the water jacket around the transmission body, very handy for installs with air-to-water intercoolers - just plumb it in and you are done! This results in the worlds coolest running centrifugal supercharger - around 30° - 40° Celsius operating temp.

Raptor Features:

Raptor V Specifications

Power Range: 200-600 HP
150-450 Kw
Max Flow: 750 CFM
21 m3/min
Drive unit ratio: 1:3
Drive Efficiency: 95%
Max boost pressure: 10 PSI
Unity Weight:

5.5 kg
12.1 lb

Rotational direction: CW
Peak input shaft speed: 18,000 rpm
Peak impeller shaft speed: 54,000 rpm
Inlet diameter 3.5"
89 mm
Outlet diameter 2.5"
64 mm
Pulley mounting nut torque 54Nm
40 ft.lb
Bracket mounting bolts torque 12Nm
9 ft/lb

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Raptor V-LC Centrifugal Supercharger, Liquid Cooled SCU-RAP-V-LC $2,525.00 U.S. Only: $45.00
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