Adjustable Rear Camber Link Kit for the Porsche® 928

aka: Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm

Instructions Available for Download

Application: Porsche® 928 1978 through 1995 all

The Issues: There are one of two problems that 928 owners seek to correct with this kit depending on their application.

The Problem: The range of rear camber adjustment allowed by the stock suspension parts is only .5 degree. Not enough to solve either of these problems.

The Solution: Our Adjustable Rear Camber Links increase the range of adjustment available from .5 degrees to 2.5 degrees! Using this adjustable link adds 2 degrees of camber adjustment; and on the 928 we fitted them to here, we were able to adjust from zero camber all the way to -2.5 degrees negative camber.

928MS Quality: We used 4130 Chromalloy Alloy Steel for our mandrel-bent suspension link, class 8.8 metric fasteners, and spherical rod ends from Competition Engineering - they are forged steel and rated to 12,696 lbs. The finished link is powder-coated in a chip and rust resistant black enamel. Top-quality, all the way!

Easy Installation: Instructions are included and installation is straight-forward and easy. The instructions are also downloadable from this website if you would like to review them before ordering.

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