Rear Camber Pockets for the Porsche® 928

Hold Your Camber Settings Even With Wide Tires

Installation Instructions Available

Application: Porsche® 928 all years, all models

Background: Putting wider rear tires on your 928 is almost a right of passage. We all do it, and it looks great. The problem comes at the rear camber eccentric, where the OEM design pits a steel eccentric against an aluminum casting. The aluminum can't hold up, and the wide tires increase the force exerted on it many times over stock sized tires. If the owner is a performance driver or a racer and likes to hit the corners hard, the damage to the camber box happens even faster.

The end result is more and more rear camber as the eccentric bites into the aluminum. This shows as uneven tire wear, wandering on lips in the pavement, and locking up the rear tires too easily on hard braking. Not to mention oversteer!

Description: The 928 Motorsports Rear Camber Pocket is a steel insert that nests into your rear crossmember, lining the camber packet. Now you have a steel-on-steel alignment adjustment - your 928 can be restored to correct rear camber settings, and it will hold those camber settings. This part is yellow chromate plated for corrosion resistance.

Installation: Can be installed with the rear suspension on the car. Remove the two camber eccentric bolts, alter the crossmember to hold the steel pocket, and re-install the camber bolts. Modification of the aluminum camber pocket will require a die grinder or a Dremel tool or similar. Instructions are provided, and also available on line. Instructions also show how to pin the rear camber eccentric for racers (not needed for street-driven cars).

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