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Precision Rear Shifter Coupling

Btw those shifter couplings (front and back) work fantastic, it shifts like butter, I cannot believe after all these years, that made all the difference . Now the shifting is like I had always hoped it could be Susan C.

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all with Manual Transmissions

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Background: The Porsche® 928 has two shift linkages beneath the 5-speed shift lever. One goes rearward to the transaxle, and one goes forward to the Shifter Ball Cup. This part is the rear coupling that attaches the shifter lever directly to the transaxle. It has a nylon liner in it that wears down after years of shifting, and the shifter gets sloppy. IN ADDITION, there is a designed-in air gap in the OEM coupler to prevent vibration from being transferred up into the shifter.

Our Precision Rear Shift Coupling is an all-new part modified with new polyurethane bushings to remove all the play in it, and we add an adjustable drag nut so you can choose how stiff you want it to be. We start with a brand-new Porsche part, disassemble it, replace the internal plastic bushings with polyurethane ones, then install the custom shoulder bolt and nut with cotter pin for you. Adjustment of drag in the coupler is as easy as pulling the cotter pin, tightening the nut a bit, and putting the cotter pin back.

How it feels to shift after this upgrade: Now you can actually feel the detents in the transaxle when you shift. You get positive haptic feedback to your hand as each gear clicks into position. It's very nice! If you rest your hand on the shifter, you will be able to just feel a very slight whirring of the gear sets in the transaxle. There is no sound transmitted, a gentle and pleasant "mmmmmmm" can be felt.

Three Ways to Purchase: If you select the:
  • 928MS Precision Rear Shift Coupler: you will receive the complete coupler already modified and adjusted, ready to install.
  • 928MS Rear Shift Coupler Kit Only: you will receive the kit bits only to rebuild the shift coupler you have on your car.
  • OEM Replacement Rear Shift Coupling: you will receive a new OEM Porsche rear shift coupler.
Installation instructions for this coupling are provided in the 928 Workshop Manual. We also provide an Installation Supplement. The rear shift coupler can be accessed from under the car. Look up just past the torque tube and just in front of the transaxle and you should be able to see it as shown in the photo below. It may be covered by a large rubber bellows.




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928MS Precision Rear Shift Coupler Complete




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928MS Rear Shift Coupler Rebuild Kit




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OEM Replacement Rear Shift Coupling




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