Rebuilt and Recalibrated MAF Sensor

Application: Porsche® 928 engines from 1985-1995

Sorry, we DO NOT currently have any Rebuilt and Recalibrated MAF sensors in stock. We need your cores!! You can send us your core to rebuild as a SERVICE that we can provide. Turnaround timeline for the rebuild process and return varies.

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is responsible for the proper running of your 928 engine at all times and all speeds. All the air that enters the engine passes through it, and it measures this air flow so the computer knows how much fuel is needed.

They do degrade over time. The platinum wire becomes corroded and may need cleaning or replacement, and the 1985-era electronics are known to fail and drop out of spec.

As this happens, you may experience the following symptoms: Surging at constant throttle, hard starting, and flat-spots or delays in response to moving the throttle. Left un-addressed, these issues will get worse until eventually the MAF sensor fails completely and the ECU will shift into limp-home mode.

Our rebuild process includes testing of the electronics and replacement of the most common parts that fail by soldering new ones in place. The platinum wire is cleaned or replaced, and the unit is recalibrated. The housing is completely cleaned with a fine glass media blast that cleans the surface and gives it a uniform mat surface. Then they are sealed with a clear satin coating to prevent oxidation/corrosion of the aluminum.

Turnaround timeline and process and return varies, however, is usually about 10 business days. There is no core charge If you send in your MAF Sensor for the REBUILD SERVICE.

NOTE: A refundable $100 core charge will be added at checkout. We need yours back to rebuild for the next customer!

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++ Note: A refundable $100 core charge will be added at checkout. We need yours back to rebuild for the next customer!