Ride Height Adjustment Sleeves

For The Porsche® 928

Installation Instructions Available this part is Pikes Peak tested The Problem:

The Solution: The 928 Motorsports threaded height adjustment sleeves are designed for a positive shrink-fit over your Koni's and will not spin as you turn your spanner nut to adjust the height. They are hard-anodized against corrosion, and, unlike the 1" of adjustment you have now on the front of your 928, these will give you a full 5" of adjustment front or rear.

The perfect compliment to our Hypercoil springs and spring perches, but they also fit Eibachs and standard 928 springs and perches.

For all years of 928, they fit all Koni Reds, and Bilsteins that do not have the threaded sleeve welded to the shock.

Each Kit Includes:

FITMENT NOTE: These ride height adjustment sleeves only fit Koni shocks. Best used with our Hypercoil spring kits, but can be fitted to cars with stock 928 springs. When used with stock 928 springs, the lower spring perch center hole will need to be opened up a little bit. This is not necessary if using our Hypercoil spring kit.

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