Rocker Panel Flares Kit For The Porsche® 928 S4

On the 1978-1986 928: These glue-on rocker panel flares add a nice ground-effect to the early 928 models and update the cars looks. Cutouts are marked on the flares to show you where to shape them for your car.

On the 1987-1991 928 S4: These rocker panel flares are designed to fit up to the factory 928 S4 fenders with little alteration. Although Porsche® flared the S4 fenders a little when they made the S4, they never completed it by flaring the rocker panels to match. This will fix that! They add a nice, ground-hugging fat body look to your 928 with out the fat price tag.

Like all fiberglass body parts, you should expect some shaping may be necessary to get them to fit just the way you like. Shipped in white gel coat, ready for wet sanding and painting.

The manufacturer hand-lays these for us with fiberglass woven cloth (see picture) for a quality product here that is both strong yet light in weight.

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