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Shock Snubbers For The Porsche® 928

New Replacement Shock Snubbers for all 1978-95 Porsche® 928

A Quality Replacement for your Stock Shock Snubber: Our replacement shock snubbers are injection-molded to shape from medium-density and very tough polyurethane. The result is a better-than-OEM product that will last as long as your new Shocks.

An Important Suspension Part: Replace your shock snubbers when you change your shocks.

Here's why: the shock snubber is actually an important "spring" that controls the last 2 inches of travel within your suspension. With a bad or missing shock snubber, the shock can slam into its totally-collapsed position when you hit a pothole, curb, or sudden obstruction.

When this happens, 2 things will occur:
  • you will most likely ruin your shock absorber(s)
  • your spring rate will suddenly go to "infinity" because the suspension is "stacked". When this happens on the front wheels, it will cause a sudden over-steer condition in the vehicle, and the rear of the car will come around. An uncontrolled spin is the result.

A good shock snubber can keep you in control, and prevent damage to your suspension and your car!

Price is per pair of snubbers. One pair does one end of the car, Two pair does the whole car.

928 Motorsports - Shock Snubbers For The Porsche® 928
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Shock Snubbers for the Porsche® 928




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