Koni Adjustable Shock Absorber Tool

Application: All Koni Adjustables with 5mm or 6mm Hex at the Top (specify below)

Finally! Adjust your Koni's while they are in the car! Did you buy Koni Adjustables only to find that they cannot be adjusted after they are in the car? I did.

I was told that there are only two options:
  1. Mail them into Koni with $100 and they will modify them into externally adjustable shocks - in about 4 to 10 weeks!
  2. Pull them from the car every time you want to adjust them like the instructions say.

Neither one was too attractive.

This is the Cure! Our 928 Motorsports Koni shock absorber wrenches are made for us by a major national tool company - the T-Handle is 18" long to clear all obstructions and reach way down where others just won't. Padded and dipped for a cushioned non-slip grip. The barrel is made out of a non-corroding alloy and just the right size to self-center itself in your shock as you insert it. At the end is the 6 MM hex key you need - and get this - its even made so that the hex key is replaceable should you ever damage it. This is a quality tool the belongs in your racers suspension setup kit!

How it Works: Just remove the top nut from your shock, insert our tool, press down to collapse your shock to the bottom, adjust your shock valve the way you want it, and remove the tool. Replace the top nut and DRIVE!

If you Autocross, Solo 1, or Wheel-to-Wheel - you know different tracks and tires respond better to different shock setups - but until now you could not tweak your shocks reasonably. Now you can!

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