Upgrade Kit For The 78-84 Porsche® 928 16v Stage 2

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So you installed the Stage 1 Supercharger kit and you love it. And you want more. We understand! We designed our 928 supercharger kit to be upgradeable. This kit includes everything you need to take your Stage 1 kit from us and raise it to the level of our Stage 2 kit.

The Stage 2 Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need to do the complete installation yourself. The Stage 2 kit includes our custom 928-fitted air-to-water intercooler and requires some reasonable mechanical skills to install.

What is included in this UPGRADE Kit:

++Your results may vary as many factors like engine condition and driveline condition play a large factor in HP at the wheel. No 928 should be supercharged unless it is mechanically in good-to-excellent repair. Please see and read our article: "The rules about Supercharging your CIS 928"

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