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The Big Dog of all 928 Supercharger kits: This is the biggest, most powerful, highest-output supercharger kit ever built for the 928. It will turn your 928 into a genuine Supercar, with over 600 HP on its 3400 lb frame.

The Best of Everything: We have spared nothing - the Stage 3 kit includes the supercharger and all its related brackets and belts (of course) but look at what we have also included: new injectors, high-output fuel pump, fuel rails, adjustable fuel regulator, stainless-steel braided hoses, intake manifold spacers, radiator fans, air-to-water intercooler system, and much more. This is an advanced kit with all the goodies for for the experienced tuner.

Engine Management Required: Because of the high boost levels attained by this big supercharger, the stock LH and EZK computers have to be replaced with more modern engine management to ensure an adequate fuel supply and control of ignition events. We recommend and sell the Electromotive Tec-GT system and you can bundle it with your supercharger kit when you order below. You can also buy our kit separately and use another brand of engine management. Most 928's are having some issues with old, cracked and corroded injector wiring harnesses by this time - so getting an all-new wiring harness and new spark plug wires with our Electromotive kit is a real useful value.

The Results: On our test 928 (a 1991 GT with 216,000 miles on it) this kit produced 516 HP at the tire or 607 HP at the engine at 5734 rpm. Torque numbers were 500 lb/ft at the tire or 588 lb/ft at the engine. Be sure to watch the video! The kit is exceptionally street-able, and actually pretty quiet. But it's a beast when you want it to be!

Some Features:

Available Two Ways: As a complete kit, with our Electromotive Tec-GT Engine System included and everything you need, or just as the mechanicals-only kit, and supply your own fuel system solution.

Base Kit Includes: Whether you opt to include our Tec-GT engine management or supply your own tuning solution, all 928MS Stage III kits come with all the mechanicals you need, including:

Complete Kit Option Adds These Items:

Added bonus: If you order the Stage III kit with the Electromotive TecGT complete, we will include a USB memory stick with a complete tune on it. Because every engine is different, the tune will still need to be checked and probably tweaked a bit - but it will go a long way toward making your installation easier and safer.

High-Octane Gasoline recommended: Because of the compression ratio of this 928 model and the amount of boost this kit makes, we recommend the use of 105 to 110 octane gasoline for this kit. You can make your own with the use of our Race Gas® Concentrate.

Warranty: These are factory NEW kits and are warranted direct to you. 928 Motorsports warrants against any and all defects in workmanship and material for 1 year from the date of purchase regardless of mileage or use. The ProCharger F-1A supercharger this kit uses is a race blower, and is built with an extra heavy-duty transmission that can really take abuse. However, be advised that race superchargers come with no warranty from the ProCharger factory.

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Stage 3 Base Supercharger Kit for the Porsche® 928 Mechanicals with everything except Engine Management SUP-928STG3-32V-87/95-NEMS $12,960.00 U.S. Only: $185.00
All Others:
Stage 3 Complete Supercharger Kit for the Porsche® 928, Includes Electromotive Tec-GT EMS for the 928 SUP-928STG3-32V-87/95-WEMS $16,360.00 U.S. Only: $185.00
All Others:

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