Stainless Performance Dual Exhaust Kit for the PORSCHE®

Application: 1987-95 Porsche® 928 all
Installation Instructions Available

Description: A complete mandrel-bent exhaust system for your Porsche® 928. This exhaust starts at the back of your catalytic converters and finishes at the rear bumper with polished stainless steel tips. Everything you need is included to mount this exhaust, clamps, hangers, tips, nuts n bolts.

Compatible with: stock catalytic converters, or the 928 Motorsports X-Pipe with or without performance cats, or the 928 Motorsports Header-X Pipe for 32 valve motors.

Tunable: The muffler is specially manufactured to be reversible... install with the baffles against the air stream for quieter operation, or turn the muffler around and install with the inner baffles pointed downstream for more bark from your 928! This exhaust has a very pleasing low rumble that you will enjoy.

Top Quality: The exhaust system is 304 Stainless Steel for a lifetime of trouble-free service. Expert welds throughout, extra-heavy-duty clamps and stainless steel hangers.

Performance Output:This system uses 2.5" OD tubing throughout, larger than the stock exhaust system. That, and the custom performance resonators and muffler will uncork your 928 and let some of the HP come out!

Emissions Compliant: Does not modify or replace your catalytic converters. Emissions compliant in all 50 States.

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