Lightweight Starter Mount for the Porsche® 928

Save 2.5 pounds off your motor!

Application: 1983-1995 Porsche® 928 all

Background: Starting in 1983, Porsche® added a heavy cast steel bracket to mount the starter motor on, and modified the lower bell housing to make room for it. The 1978-1983 models mounted the starter to the aluminum lower bell housing instead. The change in 1983 was to make room for the 1984-and-up 60-tooth crank reference ring on the flywheel.

Description: We start with a good used early lower bell housing with starter mount, and machine it specially to provide the reliefs necessary to clear the 60-tooth timing ring on later engines. This makes the iron starter mount unnecessary and removes 2.5 pounds off the front of the 928. It also makes the engine easier to put in and out for racers. We add steel threaded inserts in the starter and slave cylinder thread bungs for long-life. The finished lower bell and starter mount is cleaned and bead blasted so it is ready to install when you receive it.

Durability Tested: This lightweight starter mount has already been run for 3 race seasons on our cars without any failures, including multiple trips up the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Every 928 racer we build gets this part.

Fitment Note: if using the Lightweight Starter Mount with the Lightweight Hi-Torque Starter on a car with a 60-tooth timing ring, a small amount of material will need to be removed from the nose casting of the starter. A die-grinder or bench grinder will do a good job. Ask, and we can send you a photo of the little bit that needs to be removed.

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