Billet Steel Stroker Crankshaft for Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

Application: Porsche® 928, 78-95 all

Description: The 928 Motorsports stroker crankshaft is machined from a single billet of 4340 steel (38 Rockwell hardness) and then shot-peened for stress-relief and surface toughness. It is also magnafluxed, checked to be straight and true, and all journals are fully polished before leaving us for you.

Additionally, the crank has updated oil passageways that oil the journals from both sides - a real upgrade over stock. Our design incorporates "Chevy" rod journal sizes so there are more rods available for you to choose from at a lower cost.

Provides a full 3.750" stroke (95.25mm) compared to the stock 3.106" (78.9mm) stroke. If you use the same diameter piston (100mm) as stock, this crank will produce a 6.0 liter motor. Upgrading to a 4.125 sleeved bore and piston will yield a 6.57 liter motor. This crank will handle applications up through 900 HP without difficulty

NOTE: Stroker crankshafts require careful measurement by an engine assembly professional to select rod length and piston crown height to use with the crankshaft.

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Delivery: Stroker cranks are a special-order item made one-at-a-time. Expect to wait up to 4 months for delivery.

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