SUPER-LOCK LSD for Porsche® 928 Models

Application: Porsche® 928 with 928 G28.12/13/55 Transaxle, found in the 1987-1991 928 S4 and GT models.

928 Motorsports LLC® is proud to announce our partnership with Gbox and OS Giken to make a limited production run of the patented and applauded OS Super-Lock LSD especially for the Porsche 928.

Not a new product: the OS Giken Super-Lock LSD is currently available for the 911, 930, 964, 993 and 996 models; and has already enjoyed more than a decade of success in the most arduous racing environments. This is a new application of a road-and-race proven product.

We selected the most commonly raced transaxle models, the 87-91 5 speed, and commissioned a limited production run of 10 LSD units. They are expected to sell out quickly.

This Limited-Slip Differential is completely street-able, yet has tremendous durability on the track and the smoothest progressions, making it also very easy to drive even at very high HP and Torque levels. And, because it achieves a higher degree (up to 100%) of lock, it generates less friction, making less heat and lasting much longer than ordinary LSD's.

The Super-Lock LSD features an innovative lock-timing system that under low or normal load conditions allows the differential to function as an open differential, however, once load is applied it smoothly transforms into a 100% locking diff (no more issues with turn-in)!

Superior Design Superior Construction Superior Overall Performance Tunability What is the difference between the SUPER-LOCK LSD and another companies LSD? SUPER LOCK LSD Advantages:
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