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Powerdyne BD-600, BD-10, BD-11, and BD-11a Racing Rebuild
also: Ford Motorsports, B&M, and Cool Charger

Aloha, Just wanted to drop a line to you folks about my BD-600 super rebuild that was done. I cannot think how good it runs. It never ran like that when it was new, the power is frisky but smooth. I am very happy with the first class work that was done. Again much mahalo and aloha from the 808 state. Stephen T.

The BD-600 you did the racing rebuild for me has 8000 mi. on it and it's doing just fine. Just out of curiosity, after about 4000 mi. I pulled the volute off and the new impeller was still in perfect condition. Jerry M.
Bought the car (a 1987 Mustang GT that had a Powerdyne kit on it already) and cleaned it up a bit and it dyno'd barely at 5 psi and pulled 326hp / 346 ft/lbs. Then did the Super-Powerdyne rebuild and re-fueled the engine properly and dyno'd @ 375hp / 400 ft/lbs with 6.7 psi of boost. So freshened up the block and rotating assembly, had some head work done, re-pulley'd the Powerdyne with a 2.75" pulley and a crank pulley of 6.87", re-dyno tuned it again and came out with 402hp / 407 ft/lbs with 10.6 psi of boost. Thanks to you guys I have been able to make some pretty good horsepower and boost thanks to the "Super Powerdyne" rebuild. Phil V.
Hi, just wanted to let you know the Powerdyne BD_11A you rebuilt for me works great My goal was high 11 sec. quarter mile & I accomplished that with only 5 lbs of boost on 91 octane pump gas shifting at only 6000 RPM. (68 AMX, 407 c.i.) Thanks, Randy L

I just installed my Powerdyne that you guys rebuilt on my heavily modified 95 Cobra Mustang. Holy S%$&!!!! I canít wait to dyno it but I really think I gained 60-80 HP. This thing is absolutely great.Thanks! Richard B.

I can't tell you how happy I'm with the powerdyne bd-11 you did for me. A lot of people are shocked to see a powerdyne under the hood. The sound the billet impeller makes is AWESOME. Jon F.

Got the new Powerdyne billet impeller on my '64 GTO. What a difference!! Makes boost 900 RPM sooner than before and made 1.5 lbs more of it at 5700 RPM (my shift point). All I can say is awesome work guys.. And a big thanks to Gretchen for getting it all out to me at lightening speed. David G.
The Super-Powerdyne

Maximum Powerdyne Performance!

Overview This is our maximum rebuild with modifications for the Powerdyne BD-11 and BD-11a. The finished supercharger will produce over 1200 CFM and more boost than a Vortech® S-Trim or a Powerdyne XB-1a.

What we will do to your Blower

  • install custom high-speed, top-quality SKF-brand ceramic bearings on the impeller shaft
  • vent the case to improve bearing cooling (A 928 Motorsports exclusive!)
  • install our Patented High-Performance Impeller (A 928 Motorsports exclusive!)
  • install our hardened impeller shaft upgrade (A 928 Motorsports exclusive!)
  • install new HSS steel bearings for the drive pulley
  • install our custom Super-Duty competition drive belt (A 928 Motorsports exclusive!)
  • shim and adjust the impeller for maximum output
The Patented Powerdyne Impeller Upgrade: Our performance impeller for the Powerdyne supercharger produces more boost more quickly than the stock impeller. A proven performer, it received US Patent No D554,150 S

To Read more about this patented Powerdyne impeller Click Here

The 928 Motorsports Bearings: We are the original developer of the high-speed bearing for the Powerdyne Supercharger. Working with engineers at SKF, we were able to come up with the right hi-temp grease, the right bearings, and the right alloy inner and outer races to get up to 46,000 rpm out of these bearings where they had been previously limited to 36,000 rpm.

The 928 Motorsports LLC® Belt: We improved on the original belt, too. Raising the impeller speed to 46,000 rpm from 36,000 rpm (stock) requires a tougher belt. Kevlar is a step in the right direction, but its not enough. You also need stronger roots on the cogged teeth or the backlash when shifting will rip the teeth off the belt! The 928 Motorsports Competition belt is the top belt in this application - bar none. Over 3 times tougher than the Gates "GT" belt that others sell.

Pulley Sizing: With these changes, you can go up a pulley size without loosing performance. Using a larger pulley on your supercharger will eliminate belt slippage and also make the bearings last longer. Or - you can keep the pulley size you have and enjoy up to 20% more boost than you had before!

Pricing: Purchased separately, these services and products cost $1,509.00 Buying them all-at-once in this offer saves you more than $200!

The Warranty: Warranted to be without defects in materials or workmanship when you get it. Sorry, no warranty beyond that as we have no control over your application or installation. We can assure you it will leave our shop ready to race.... the rest is up to you!

Purchasing: After purchasing, just pack and ship your head unit to: 928 Motorsports LLC, 604 E Maple St, Horicon, WI 53032 We recommend you pack it well and insure the shipment.

Shipping: $36 in S&H for the 48 contiguous states and will be shipped UPS insured. Additional shipping fees apply for Canadian and International delivery.

Create an Address Label: To help you get your parts to us correctly, use this form to generate an address label.

What to ship: Ship only the supercharger to us for rebuilding. The drive pulley can stay on. There will be a surcharge if there are any mounting brackets, idler pulleys, etc that we must remove in order to rebuild the unit.

To See Our Complete Line of Supercharger Upgrades and Services, Click Here

To Order a Supercharger rebuild:
  1. Fill out this form and put it in the box with your supercharger
  2. Click on "Add to Cart" and pay for your rebuild now.



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The Super-Powerdyne Rebuild with High-Performance Impeller



The Super-Powerdyne Rebuild ONLY



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