Powerdyne BD-600, BD-10, BD-11, and BD-11a Rebuild

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The Super-Powerdyne

Maximum Powerdyne Performance!

Overview: This is our maximum rebuild with modifications for the Powerdyne BD-10, BD-11, and BD-11a. The finished supercharger will produce over 1200 CFM and more boost than a Vortech® S-Trim or a Powerdyne XB-1a.

What we will do to your Blower

The Patented Powerdyne Impeller Upgrade: Our performance impeller for the Powerdyne supercharger produces more boost more quickly than the stock impeller. A proven performer, it received US Patent No D554,150 S

To Read more about this patented Powerdyne impeller Click Here

The 928 Motorsports Bearings: We are the original developer of the high-speed bearing for the Powerdyne Supercharger. Working with engineers at SKF, we were able to come up with the right hi-temp grease, the right bearings, and the right alloy inner and outer races to get up to 46,000 rpm out of these bearings where they had been previously limited to 36,000 rpm.

The 928 Motorsports Belt: We improved on the original belt, too. Raising the impeller speed to 46,000 rpm from 36,000 rpm (stock) requires a tougher belt. Kevlar is a step in the right direction, but its not enough. You also need stronger roots on the cogged teeth or the backlash when shifting will rip the teeth off the belt! The 928 Motorsports Competition belt is the top belt in this application - bar none. Over 3 times tougher than the Gates "GT" belt that others sell.

Pulley Sizing: With these changes, you can go up a pulley size without loosing performance. Using a larger pulley on your supercharger will eliminate belt slippage and also make the bearings last longer. Or - you can keep the pulley size you have and enjoy up to 20% more boost than you had before!

Pricing: Purchased separately, these services and products cost $1,509.00 Buying them all-at-once in this offer saves you more than $200!

The Warranty: To see our Supercharger Rebuild Warranty, Click Here

Purchasing: After purchasing, just pack and ship your head unit to: 928 Motorsports LLC, 604 E Maple St, Horicon, WI 53032 We recommend you pack it well and insure the shipment.

Shipping: $36 in S&H for the 48 contiguous states and will be shipped UPS insured. Additional shipping fees apply for Canadian and International delivery.

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What to ship: Ship only the supercharger to us for rebuilding. The drive pulley can stay on. There will be a surcharge if there are any mounting brackets, idler pulleys, etc that we must remove in order to rebuild the unit.

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Complete Line of SC Upgrades & Services
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The Super-Powerdyne Rebuild with High-Performance Impeller TSCU-SRS-PDY-SPDY-WI $1,395.00 U.S. Only: $46.00
All Others:
The Super-Powerdyne Rebuild ONLY SCU-SRS-PDY-SPDY-NI $925.00 U.S. Only: $46.00
All Others:

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