Sur-Grip® Pulley Coating

Sur-Grip® fights Belt Slip!

What Sur-Grip® is: Sur-Grip® is a tungsten-alloy granular coating that is applied into the vees of the pulleys with a process called Electrofusion. This process creates a true metallurgical bond with the pulley and very high bond strength. The granular surface allows the rubber in the belt to "key" into the pulley, greatly increasing its tractive force. In addition to increasing the surface friction for the belts, it also increases the surface hardness of the material up to 72Rc, making the pulley itself more durable also.

Do you have pulleys with Sur-Grip® already applied? Yes. We have 6 and 8 rib pulleys with Sur-Grip® already on them for some models of Paxton's, ProChargers, Vortech's, and Powerdyne's. They are listed here: But, you can also send us any pulley and we can apply Sur-Grip® to it and send it back to you.

Will belt wear be higher after Sur-Grip® is applied? Yes, because of the granular finish of the Sur-Grip coating, belt wear will be slightly higher on a non-slipping belt after Sur-Grip® is applied.

My pulley has a hard-coat finish. Can you apply Sur-Grip® to that? Yes, we can apply Sur-Grip® to any pulley, steel or aluminum, coated or not. If hard-coated, we will bead-blast the hard coat off before applying the Sur-Grip® treatment.

How can I get my pulley coated with Sur-Grip®? Simply mail it in and we'll take care of it for you. Use this link to tell us how to reach you and it will also print an address label you can tape on to the outside of your box:

What will it cost? Supercharger drive pulleys 4" diameter and smaller are $129.00 to process. We can also apply Sur-Grip® to larger pulleys (like crank pulleys) as a SPECIAL ORDER, and the cost will be calculated depending on the pulley size. Please contact us for a quote.

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Sur-Grip® Pulley Coating SCU-SGPC $129.00 U.S. Only: $11.00
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