Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings For The Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

Application: For all 1980-95 Porsche® 928

We manufacture these from Graphite-impregnated Polyurethane - the very best in performance and will not squeak!

The factory rubber sway bar mounts rust tight to the sway bar - keeping it from rotating and transferring cornering forces to the other side like it's supposed to. A good poly sway bar bushing will act like a bigger sway bar - because it has less friction lost in the twist and can transfer all the forces to the other wheel!

Bushings below are for 1980-1995 928's with stock 28mm fronts and 22mm rear sway bars. If you need bushings for a 78/79 model we recommend you upgrade to the 1980-95 front sway bar, and buy these bushings for that. The 78-79 sway bar is too small, and Porsche corrected that in 1980.

Front Kit Includes: Rear Kit Includes:
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Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings Set for the Porsche® 928 Front and Rear Both Front and Rear Kits SUS-PSBB-SET $157.00 U.S. Only: $16.20
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