Electromotive TEC GT Engine Management System for the 944/968

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The 928 Motorsports TEC GT Engine Management System (EMS) kit is a complete replacement for all of these items on your 968:

The TEC GT kit for the Stock 968 Owner
The TEC GT kit for the Tuner/Performance Enthusiast

The TEC GT kit for the Stock 968 Owner
Perhaps you are starting to experience these costly issues with your 968; a broken or damaged injector wiring harness, a MAF sensor that need rebuilding or replacing, or an ECU that needs replacing.

These items are expensive, and they aren't getting any younger nor easy to find good used ones, either. Additionally, even when all these pieces of the original ignition and fuel systems are in tip-top shape, they still represent the state of technology available the year your car was built. In contrast, after you have installed our kit your engine management will be in 2012 operating trim, with the latest and most reliable systems available now.

Our kit will replace the stock Motronic computers with a new, faster and more powerful computer, yet we are able to use many of the stock sensors so it will be very plug-and-play. For example, our kit uses the stock 60-minus-2 timing ring and the stock inductive pickup, the stock knock sensors and the stock throttle position sensor, vastly simplifying the install.

The TEC GT kit for the Tuner/Performance Enthusiast
For those performance enthusiasts that keep pushing the 968 into higher HP and greater performance, our complete kit will exceed the output of any piggy-back electronics or EPROM burner.

And think about it - for a little more than the price of an EPROM burner, you get rid of all that old crumbling wiring, old coils, and limited capabilities and replace all of it with modern 2012 equipment.

The 928MS TEC GT system will support Superchargers, Turbochargers, modified intakes and large lumpy cams. One limitation owners of boosted cars report is the point where the MAF sensor can no longer measure air flow. Its simply maxed-out, and cannot "see" the additional air being delivered, and so cannot supply the matching fuel. Now the MAF will be gone (along with its restrictions) and you can tune the high-boost application correctly.

Some other features: Our Porsche® 968 Kit Includes:
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