Electronic Temp Controller Switch

Installation Instructions Available

APPLICATION: To control 1 fan drawing up to 25 amps

The Problem: You have some gadget you would like to turn on and off at certain temps, but you don't want to hassle with thermo-switches and on-board systems, and you do want easy adjustments.

The Solution: Our Electronic Temp Controller Switch Kit will control any device(s) drawing up to 25 Amps, and provides switching control between 160 to 240°F.

Easy Installation: The switch uses a stainless steel radiator probe that inserts within the fins of your radiator. Instructions included show how to set it up for manual and automatic operation. Dial on the controller box allows for super-simple temp settings - so you can have one setting for street use and another for occasional track use when desired.

Suggested Uses: Control electric fans; electric water pumps, auxiliary fans, auxiliary injection systems, foggers, and more.

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