Torque Tube Bearings

Application: Fits all 1978-1995 928’s with 25mm driveshafts (common)

Does your torque tube rumble through the car, or shutter at certain speeds? You may need it rebuilt, the bearings that hold the driveshaft in place do not last forever.

Bearing Assemblies: Each bearing assembly features new molded-rubber pillow blocks, a machined aluminum bearing carrier, a new HSS ball bearing, and the inner sleeve to hold your driveshaft in place firmly but quietly.

Vibration Dampener Mounts: There is a mass-dampener within the Torque Tube on all 4-speed automatic cars from 1983-95, and some 5-speed manual cars from 1990-1995. This mass dampener is held in place by rubber-encased steel mounts. When the rubber ages and fails, the mass dampener is allowed to move in the tube and it can really make a mess of things! Our damper mounts are an exact duplicate of original, and can put your Torque Tube back to like-new condition.

Rebuilding Service: If you want us to rebuild your torque tube for you, we can. Just be aware that torque tubes and drive shafts are not inexpensive to ship around. Turn-around time; about 1 week from the day your torque-tube arrives.

Item Part Number Price(USD) Shipping*
Torque Tube Bearing Assembly for Porsche® 928 with Automatic Transmission (2 bearings) TRA-TTB-AT $322.00 U.S. Only: $18.50
All Others:
Torque Tube Bearing Assembly for Porsche® 928 with Manual Transmission (3 bearings) TRA-TTB-MT $482.50 U.S. Only: $23.20
All Others:
Torque Tube Vibration Dampener Mount (pair) TRA-TTVD $188.00 U.S. Only: $12.00
All Others:
Torque Tube Rebuild Service TRA-TTRS $240.00 U.S. Only: $0.00
All Others:

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.