Transaxle Cooler Kit For The Porsche® 928

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Stops hard shifting on hot transmissions!

Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928 with Manual Transmission

Background: Racers and performance drivers of the 928 often experience hard shifting the hotter it gets. The heat that binds the transmission can be any combination of high ambient temperatures and the heating effects of a long race and dual exhaust. In extreme cases, the 928 5-speed can become nearly impossible to shift if it gets hot enough.

This is not unusual for single-casing transaxles the world over, whether in a Porsche® or a Pantera. The heat causes the case to expand, binding the shifter rails and synchros within.

The Solution: The 928 Transaxle Cooler kit will pump cooled lubricant through the transmission as you drive, and completely eliminate the problem. Plus: because you can opt to start the pump from a switch on the dash if you choose, you can allow the trans fluid to warm before activating the cooler for optimum shift characteristics.

Some Features: Complete Kit:
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