Transaxle Oil Change Kit for Porsche® 928, 944

Tired of Sluggish Synchros and Hard Shifting? Our 928s and 944s were developed before the current technology in super-slippery, low-viscosity synthetic gear oils. To provide the protection necessary to the moving parts, a certain viscosity (thickness) was required.

You have probably noticed that on your early 928 and 944 models, the first shifts up to 2nd gear or even down from 3rd to 2nd come hard and with a little gear gnashing when the transaxle is cold - but this problem goes away after the transaxle becomes warmed up.

That is because the OEM fluids are thick, and do not move well (or lubricate well) when cold.

The Cure: Our Transaxle Oil Change kit will improve gear-oil flow at all temperatures - including cold - protect your synchros better, smooth and quicken your shifts, and make your posi synchro clutch plates even wear longer.

We provide you with 4 quarts of Red-Line® Synthetic Gear Oil selected for your Porsche with Limited Slip (That is enough to fill the entire tranny and differential transaxle and have some left over), the 17MM or 10MM tool you need to open the drain and fill plugs, and the pump to put in the new fluid. Total time-on-your-back: less than 1 hour.

While this will not correct previously damaged synchros, and it will not make a Borg-Warner Quick-Shifter out of the Porsche gearbox, the results are pretty dramatic and immediate.

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