Ultimate Front Sway Bar Kit for the Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all

Description: We went right to the max when we designed this sway bar kit for the 928. The best of everything, without compromise. The difference it will make in cornering on your Porsche® is amazing.

It features a 29-splined 32mm hollow tube torsion bar that is CNC milled and double heat-treated for toughness. We use a straight sway bar because straight torsion bars provide superior strength and predictable handling over bent sway bars. Our sway arms are milled from alloy steel and incredibly strong. We have put 3 drop-link mounting holes in each arm so fine adjustments of the bar are easy to make. All hardware is Grade 8 or better and plated.

We built in over 2 inches of clearance between the sway bar and the inside tire sidewall so there is ample room for wider tire/wheel combinations without interference from the sway bar. Always check tire-to-suspension clearance after making any suspension modification.

This system has a high degree of adjustment. You have 3 levels of stiffness on the sway bar arms themselves, and if they do not provide enough adjustment, we also have sway bars is different spring rates we can move you to. Only the torsion bar needs to change, all the other hardware remains the same.

This kit does require the use of a mini-starter, like our Hi-Torque Starter that we sell here:
Kit Includes

Select your sway bar from this chart:

Wall Thickness
Spring Rate*
28mm OD OEM hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT3 hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT2 hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT1 hollow bar

* Spring rate measured in pounds @ 5 degrees of twist, with a 10" lever arm Measured on a 38.5" center section

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