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Ultimate Front Sway Bar Kit for the Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested
Jan Frost U. Just back from a 2500 km trip to the Nordschleife with my car. Ten laps on the circuit and all your suspension, brake and general performance upgrade parts worked really well. Thanks a lot for your effort! Its such a comfortable rocket to drive. Jan Frost U.
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Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all

Description: Another 928 Motorsports exclusive! This is a compete front sway bar kit that you can install on your driveway. It will deliver the flattest cornering possible for the Porsche® 928.

It features a 29-splined 32mm hollow tube torsion bar, the sway bar arms are milled from alloy steel and incredibly strong. We have cut in 3 mounting holes into each arm as shown so some fine adjustment of the bar is available. All hardware is Grade 8 and plated. A straight torsion bar provides superior strength and predictable handling over bent sway bars.

We built in over 2 inches of clearance between the sway bar and the inside tire sidewall so there is ample room for wider tire/wheel combinations without interference from the sway bar. Always check tire-to-suspension clearance after making any suspension modification.

This design allows great tune-ability in your front sway bar settings. You have 3 positions of stiffness on the sway bar arms, and if they do not provide enough adjustment, we also have a bar that is stiffer and one that is softer to offer. Only the center torsion spring needs to change, all the hardware remains the same. The combination of 3 drop link holes plus the availability of 3 different torsion bar wall thicknesses provides us with a great range of stiffness and tuning options.

This kit does require the use of a mini-starter, like our Hi-Torque Starter that we sell here:

Hi-Torque Mini Starter

Kit Includes
  • 1 Hollow 29-splined torsion bar
  • 2 Custom alloy steel sway bar arms
  • 2 Greasable Graphite-Impregnated Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings
  • 2 Adjustable Front Aluminum Drop links
  • 2 Drop Link Spacers
  • 2 Billet Drop Link Mounts
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Select your sway bar from this chart:

Porsche® 928 Front Sway Bar
Wall Thickness
28mm OD OEM hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT3 hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT2 hollow bar
1.25" OD 928M GT1 hollow bar

* Spring rate measured in pounds @ 5 degrees of twist, with a 10" lever arm Measured on a 38.5" center section

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Ultimate Front Sway Bar Kit for the Porsche® 928


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Ultimate Front Sway Bar Kit With Hi-Torque Mini Starter for the Porsche® 928


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