Underdrive Alternator Pulleys for the Porsche® 928 944 968

Recommended for Competition Use Only

Application: Porsche® 928, 944, 968 models with 6-rib alternator pulleys.

Benefits - Lightweight and Larger: Like an aluminum flywheel, a lightweight alternator pulley reduces rotational inertia on the engine for faster revs and deceleration between shifts. Also, the larger pulley slows the alternator down, saving energy that can now be used instead to drive the car.

Think about it: the stock alternator pulley is designed for stop-and-go traffic, low rpm's, and high loads caused by accessories and air conditioning. In competition, we rarely idle and our electrical loads are much lower. An underdrive pulley saves HP and correctly moves the alternator into the competition RPM band.

Quality Made: Our pulleys are machined to spec from a single 6061 alloy aluminum billet.

Warranty: You gotta like it or your money back! If, after you receive this item (but BEFORE you use it), you are not happy with it for any reason, just return it for a full refund. Must be returned in like-new condition. Shipping charges excluded.

Fitment Note: This under-drive pulley may require modification to the alternator brackets for clearance on certain models/years.

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++ Recommended for competition use only