Steel Upper A-Arm Replacement for the Porsche® 928

Lightweight, Strong, and Rebuildable!

Application: Porsche® 928 1986.5 - 95 all

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Background: Porsche® changed from cast to forged upper A Arms in late '86 and the new upper arms were not designed to be serviceable. When your upper ball-joint wears out, they cannot be rebuilt. We do have a few professionally re-manufactured units at $419.00 each. This part is also still available (for the moment) from Porsche® and the suggested retail price on that is $926.00 EACH. You need two.

Description: Now 928 Motorsports offers an all-new replacement for the 928 lover - our Late-Model Steel Upper-A-Arm. Using the same techniques we use for race car suspensions, we created a jig with the exact dimensions of the Porsche® 928 arm, and have produced an all-steel welded unit with a high-grade greaseable ball joint in it. This is a bolt-in piece that requires no modification to your 928, and it is serviceable if need be at any time in the future.

Performance: The spherical ball joint we use provides more accurate placement of the top spindle than the common production ball-socket joint, and the solid bushings at the rear guarantee exact camber adjustment without the variables caused by the stock rubber bushings. These even out-perform a stock a-arm fitted with with polyurethane bushings, yet move with less effort through the suspension arc . Weight savings = 1.2 lbs of unsprung weight per side.

Two Models Available: Available in either Stock length or Competition lengths. Select the Stock length if you want to set up your alignment exactly to factory spec. Select the Competition length to add about 1.5 degrees of negative camber to your car for optimum cornering.

928 Motorsports Quality: Our part features a steel crossbar, oil-impregnated bronze bushings, and zirk fittings at the back. At the front, it's equipped with a premium removable and rebuildable ball joint for accurate camber placement and long life. The ball joint can be unscrewed and replaced completely without removing the A-arm. Silicone dust boots included.

Price is per PAIR, enough for both sides of one car.

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