Used 1985 5-Speed Drive Train & Manual Transmission for Porsche® 928

I had a chance to buy a fire damaged 1985 928 with manual trans a month or so ago and I grabbed it up just to get the drive train. I know you know we make kits to convert your 928 automatic into a 6-speed, but there is always a place for the guy who wants to keep his car "all Porsche". This is more expensive than doing the Chevy/Tremec 6-spd owing usually to the scarcity of good 928 transmissions.

In this case, I knew this car and had driven it several times and I know the trans is good. No concerns there. So, what I have right now is all the parts you need to convert your automatic-trans 928 into a 5-speed with OEM parts. The trans is the G28/11. The car had only 46,000 miles on it.

Parts Include

There are two wheels and tires in the pictures below that are not included.

Also not included: clutch, intermediate plate, TOB and pilot bearing. The clutch was shot and so was the intermediate plate. I have rebuilt intermediate plates available and we can get you any clutch you want - but the price of the intermediate plate and the clutch of your choosing is not included in this deal.

PO had just installed a short-throw shifter and improved rear shift coupler, so you get those.

Contact us for shipping prices, or you can pick it up here at 928 Motorsports for free, or you can send us your car and we will do the conversion for you for $1,200.

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