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Rebuild Kit for Vortech® Superchargers

Application: All Vortech® V1, V2, V3, V7 and TRD Superchargers.

Everything you need to rebuild your Vortech® yourself. Two matched high-quality thrust bearings for the impeller shaft, two bearings for the input/drive shaft, and two seals, including one of our special high-performance 928 Motorsports Impeller Shaft seals. All bearings OEM quality or better.

The 928 Motorsports Impeller Shaft Seal: Our impeller shaft seals are custom-made with PTFE-Coated Viton (higher temps and better chemical resistance than nitrile) they have the low friction of the all-PTFE seals at high speed, but the resilience of Viton to make up for small amounts of shaft wear (something that an all-PTFE seal cannot do).

Further, they have a very light compression spring in them, less radial pressure than an industrial seal, but enough to fight the sealing lip lift that causes the oil weeping problem.

And finally, our impeller shaft seals have two lips - the sealing lip pointed inward and a dirt wiper lip pointed outward. These seals have been tested at shaft speeds up to 150,000 rpm without failure.

Complete rebuild kit includes:

  • 2 input shaft bearings
  • 2 matched impeller shaft thrust bearings
  • 1 Viton input shaft seal
  • 1 PTFE-coated Viton impeller shaft seal

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Vortech® Supercharger Rebuild Kit from 928 Motorsports
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Standard Rebuild Kit for Vortech® Superchargers


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