Water Pump Engine Block Repair

One of those items that marks the End of Life (EOL) for a 928 motor is damage to the water pump volute in the block. Although the impeller is located in the bolt-on part of the water-pump, the rest of the water pump – the volute – is cast into the block. And when the water pump bearings fail, the impeller often gouges into the block as shown here.

We have developed a proprietary process for re-casting the water pump volute in the block that restores the exact original dimensions and coolant flow to the engine. Our process casts a new volute over the injured one, with modern and temperature-stable metallic resins. It bonds extremely well to the Alusil block, and to any of the factory synthetic resin coating that remains.

Our re-casting process can only be done here on our premises, and cannot be done with the engine in the car.

A 928 bare block in a heavy cardboard box with padding will weigh about 100 pounds, and they ship via UPS ground. Turn-around time is about 1 week on this repair.

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Water Pump Engine Block Repair $165.00 U.S. Only: Motor Freight - Pay the Carrier
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