Wet Wall Cylinder Sleeves for Porsche® 928, 944, 951 and 968 Engines

STEEL CYLINDER WALLS FOR YOUR ALUSIL BLOCK: 928 Motorsports can remove your stock cylinder bores entirely and press in new steel wet cylinder sleeves, which permits larger bores and CID than ever before possible from these engines.

BENEFITS: High-ductile iron cylinder sleeves offer some unique benefits:

  1. Sleeving the engine to a 4.25" bore permits the use of standard forged pistons, with a reduction in piston cost of often over 200% from custom (metric) piston sizes.
  2. Sleeving with high-ductile, high strength iron is ideal for high-boost applications (15 psi and up) where an unsupported aluminum wall would crack and fail.
  3. An inexpensive way to add displacement. Imagine taking your 100mm bore Porsche 928 5.0L motor, and by sleeving to 4.250", you now have a 5.8 liter motor with the stock crank, and a 7.0L motor with our stroker crank!

ADDS SERVICEABILITY: when an aluminum bore becomes scratched, the repair process either includes boring all cylinders to the next oversize dimension and buying all new pistons, or welding up the scratch, boring it down, and replacing the piston. Both expensive. Should a steel sleeve become scratched, the sleeve can be pulled out and a new one installed. Much less expensive!

O-RINGING and HEAD GASKETS: The custom T-top on the 928 Motorsports engine sleeves provides the ideal location for a stainless steel o-ring (optional) that will provided a positive seal on the head gasket against any amount of boost. The heads do not need to be modified with this design. Or you can order our MLS head gaskets and no o-rings are needed. Our large T-top sleeves provide a terrific sealing surface!

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Porsche® 944, 951, 968 4 Cylinder Wet Wall Engine Sleeving Service 944, 951, 968 $2,240.00 U.S. Only: Motor Freight - Pay Carrier
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