Front & Rear Wheel Spacers for the Porsche® 928

The fastest and least expensive way to give your 928 the wide-track you want; without replacing your tires and wheels to do it!

Measure from the sidewall of your tire at the top to the inside of the fender well - most 928's can safely move the rear tires out 15mm and the front tires out 7mm when using stock rims without a problem. The improvement that a wider track provides in handling and good looks is significant!

Quality Fitment: Only use double-concentric wheel spacers on your Porsche! Some spacer manufacturers locate the spacer by the lug bolts, which can cause an out-of-balance vibration. Our spacers are located on the spindle in the exact location intended by a concentric hub in the center for a perfect fit every time. Cheap spacers are often not the concentric-type. Ours are DOUBLE-CONCENTRIC so they mate to the spindle perfectly, and your wheel will mate to the spacer perfectly too.

Quality Construction: Made from a tough aluminum/magnesium Alloy (up To 70% lighter than a comparable steel product) and hard anodized to ensure a tough, durable finish.

Track-day Approved: You may have seen wheel spacers that have the wheel studs cast in. Although faster to install, these often will not pass tech at your next HDPE event because the wheel stud can break out of the aluminum. Our wheel spacers are installed the right way - because we provide you with new, longer wheel studs, which will be mounted correctly into the wheel bearing hub. This method of mounting wheel spacers is much stronger and safer and will pass tech no matter where you decide to track your 928.

Price is per pair

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