Rear Wing / Spoiler for the Porsche® 928 S5 or GTR

We have been looking for a long time, and have finally found a supplier for the Porsche® 928 "S5" or GTR rear wing!

The GTR wing is a little taller, a little more aggressive, and a lot more durable than the factory foam rubber wings. And, because they are up in the "clean air" they do more too. An excellent add-on to that early 928 to update it's looks. The photos below are of a '78! When viewed from above, the wing matches the contours of the 928's rear section perfectly - this looks for all the world like a factory designed wing! Does not interfere with the rear wiper or visibility.

Spoiler is shipped just as it comes out of the mold. It will need finish sanding and priming before painting. The mounting holes for this are 1" wider than the stock holes to give the bigger spoiler a better footing. However, the feet of this spoiler has aluminum inserts so they can easily be drilled and taped to use the OEM spoiler mounting holes if you prefer.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER item. See our policy page for more details.

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