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Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928

Tell Carl that the Wiring Harness is a testament to the Quality & Pride that he has in his Establishment...I am Very impressed with the Workmanship & Craftsmanship Cory M.

Just wanted to let you know that the car started right up a couple days ago. The new harness went right in, is working fine and I see no problems at all. Thank you for a great product and customer service. Tom O.

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Old engine wiring harnesses, cracked, brittle insulations, high impedance (resistance), corroded terminals, corroded wires, shorts across the wires in the looms, ozone damage to the looms, oil damage to the looms, low alternator exciter voltage, false indicator lights on Master Control Unit and dash lights, iffy cold start and warm-up-regulator connections, general reliability headaches.

An all-new engine wiring harness made from the finest materials available will solve those electrical gremlins in your 928. We used genuine Porsche® harness clips for the cold-start and auxiliary air valve and WUR connections, and a new Porsche® 14-pin connector for the replacement plug-in to the car. The wiring is all copper, and the connectors are metric OEM flown in from Germany for us. The wire sleeving is silicone-impregnated fiberglass and high-quality hi-temp poly.

This is an exact replacement for the original factory engine wiring harness. This part is no longer available from Porsche®. I had an owner of a 83 Euro tell me that he had to pay close to $1,000 to get a replacement wiring harness for his car.

Just give us a call. We can help you identify your motor easily so we send the correct wiring harness for your car.

The engine wiring harness begins at the inside right-front fender of the Porsche® 928 at a 14-pin connector there, and covers the entire motor and all of its its systems (starter, starter solenoid, alternator, oil pressure sending unit, oil level sending unit, Warm-up regulator, cold-start valve, A/C clutch, auxiliary air valve, and more) except injectors (which have their own harness).



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16v Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928


Typically Ships in Two Weeks or Less

32v Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928


Typically Ships in Two Weeks or Less

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