X-Pipe Crossover Pipe for the Porsche® 928

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Application: 1985-95 Porsche® 928 with 32v Motors and Dual Exhaust

Our cross-over pipe for the Porsche® 928 is a simple install and nets an honest HP increase you can FEEL. Your existing twin Catalytic converter pipes un-bolt from the manifolds, and these bolt-on. All hardware, clamps and gaskets are provided. Also adds a nice, deep, rich V-8 sound to your 928.

This model is available in a Stainless Steel version only.

We are sometimes asked if the X-pipe can be used with Headers. Generally speaking, no. Not without a lot of cutting and custom welding. Headers and a free flow exhaust will yield up to 55 HP, but require a lot more $$ and work to install. The X-pipe is a bolt-in and allows you to keep the rest of your exhaust to save money.

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