Blue Vacuum Hoses 2-pack


Silicone Vacuum Hoses 2 Packs Blue

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A lot of performance problems can be caused by old, cracked and leaky vacuum hoses – change your vacuum lines out and add a dash of color to your engine bay!

Silicone vacuum hoses will never harden, and you will never have to replace them again!

The silicone hoses we supply in our kits are manufactured using extra-thick 3/16 in. sidewalls that won’t collapse under high vacuum pressure or blow-out under boost like the cheap colored hoses do.

PLUS: our hoses are true METRIC in size, the right fit for your PorscheĀ®! Each kit has enough to do most all of the vacuum hoses on your 928, 944, or 951 engine.

Choose from Red, Blue or Black as shown.

Each kit includes:
10 ft of 3mm silicone hose
5 ft of 6mm silicone hose
2 ft of 10mm silicone hose


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