Head Work for your 16 Valve Porsche® 928

Porting - Polishing - Milling - 3 Angle Valve Job

We can open up your head! The stock 16v head castings leave a lot of room for improvement in flow and turbulence. Carefully removing ridges and casting marks from within the intake and exhaust valve ports enhances flow and prevents pooling and fuel separation.

Improved throttle response and upper-end HP and torque are the benefits.

Send us your heads, we will open them to match the intake runners, remove the internal casting flanges and roughness, and given them and even, stippled finish within to keep the fuel in suspension and prevent pooling.

Porting and Finishing: Multi-angle Valve jobs:

Other charges may apply as needed, such as: valve stem replacement, head resurfacing, etc.

Valve job prices do not include parts. We will know what parts are needed after disassembly and inspection of your heads. Parts that may be needed include: valve guides, valves, springs and seats. Heads will be also be checked for flatness and decked if needed.