Head Work for your 32 Valve Porsche® 928

Valves: We can also replace the stock 36mm intake valves with our Hi-Flow 39.5mm valves. The stock valve seats are removed, and new larger valve seat reliefs are milled into the head and the seats pressed in.

Our Hi-Flow valves and seats are available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel. For more information on our valves, visit the Valve Page Here.

NOTE: maximum valve lift on the 928 with the most aggressive cams possible is only .442 on the intake, .398 on the exhaust. See Camshaft Details Here

Porting and Finishing: Multi-angle Valve jobs:

Other charges may apply as needed, such as: valve stem replacement, head resurfacing, etc.

Valve job prices do not include parts. We will know what parts are needed after disassembly and inspection of your heads. Parts that may be needed include: valve guides, valves, springs and seats. Heads will be also be checked for flatness and decked if needed.